Who We Are ?

We teach personal development courses to improve your quality of life, mental health, and conscious living.

Why We Do What We Do ?

According to the World Health Report (2001), one in four people will experience a mental illness once in their lifetime, and approximately 450 million people suffer from mental disorders worldwide, putting it at par with other major illnesses.

In Pakistan, specifically, 50 million people suffer from mild to moderate psychiatric disorders including Depression, SUD’s, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Chronic Stress and PTSD (The News, 2020).Whereas, Pakistan has approximately only one psychiatrist for every 100,000 inhabitants and only 500 psychiatrists are serving the entire population.

Mental illnesses are caused by a combination of genetic, biological, psychological and environmental factors. It is incumbent to adopt and implement measures and interventions for prevention of such illnesses in order to avoid problems caused by a lack of awareness and support. Mental health is still misunderstood and stigma associated with counseling deters many people from seeking the help they need.

“Wellnesshive provides a proactive solution for mental health, aiming to equip the youth and women with human skills to improve their quality of life through a digital learning platform.”
These personal development courses prepare our youth and women to face life challenges skillfully and save them from potential psychiatric illnesses that could emerge in early, middle and late adulthood.
“We provide one-on-one personalized support, aftercare, and bring top-notch national and international professionals on board.”
Who We Are ?

We are a team of passionate and experienced Clinical & Counseling Psychologists, Counselors, Subject Experts, Technology and Marketing Professionals, Strategic Advisors working for one common goal, “to equip our youth and women to improve their quality of life” so they could experience a healthy mind, happy life, healthy relationships and career success. And we can have a healthy, happy and resilient Pakistan in 2051.

Our Vision

We take pride in holding values to help you lead a self-actualized life! We believe in:

Competence, Commitment and Community

Uzma Sadaqat- Founder Wellnesshive
Meet The Founder
Uzma Sadaqat is an expert and well-known Clinical Psychologist having 19+ years of experience. She founded Wellnesshive owing to its prevalence in mental health issues. She has gained vast experience and practical knowledge working with hundreds of individuals struggling with substance use disorders, psychiatric illnesses, and long-standing problems since 2002. She has an MPhil in Clinical Psychology. Previously, She served at Willing Ways (a chain of Pakistan’s leading counseling and rehabilitation facility) as Director Counseling Programs from 2006 to June 2020. She got her professional training in Denial Management Counseling, Structured Family Intervention, and Gottman Method Couples Counseling from the USA. Also, She is an IVLP (International Visitors Leadership Program, 2016) Alumna. She frequently appears on various Talk Shows and Morning Shows at local and national TV channels. She lives happily in Lahore with her husband and her kitten baby Bella.