The Art of Assertive Communication

· March 22, 2022

About this Course:

This course has been designed to assist and empower individuals with assertive communication skills. Being assertive means being able to communicate and convey your stance to others effectively without being aggressive or passively accepting “wrong”. Assertiveness is a valuable skill that can be learnt by anybody who has a desire to be more eloquent and articulate with their words.

Who Should Take This Course:

This course is ideal for every individual who recognizes the importance of communication skills and wants to hone their skills to become an effective communicator.
Learning assertiveness can also be an effective support for people suffering from depression, social anxiety and anger issues as it helps the individual improve their sense of self worth and self respect.

Course Benefits:

  1. This course will help you become self-confident.
  2. It will teach you to communicate your wants and needs more authoritatively while staying empathetic towards the other person.
  3. It will help you become a better negotiator.
  4. It will make you a better problem solver so that you can come up with “win-win” solutions every time.
  5. It will reduce your stress and will help you improve your mental health overall
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Course Includes

  • 35 Lessons